Caramel Colour

ANIPRA CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. has always made markable efforts working with naturally derived food coloring requires technical expertise. Leading food companies around the world trust Anipra Chemicals with their products.

Natural Colour

Consumer preference toward simpler ingredient statements and less sugar has also increased demand for naturally-derived alternatives to synthetic (certified) color additives.

Taste of Asia

Today, we are proud to be caramel colour maker in asian market. Wide variety of industries are using colour produced by us as standard ones.

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We at ANIPRA CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. produce all the grades of Caramel of World Class Quality. The Founders have as on today, rich experience of manufacturing the same for over three decades, and they have developed their own know-how/technology to produce TAILOR MADE CARAMELS. Further our manufacturing processes are ECO FRIENDLY i.e. they produce least, almost no pollution.

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